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Before you purchase your vehicle you need to be aware that you will need to apply to the Federal Government for approval to import your vehicle and therefore must complete an application; once submitted this process usually takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

To be able to import an Off Road vehicle it must be manufactured as an off road only vehicle, you will not be able to get an import approval for a vehicle that is off road but has the equipment fitted that allows it to go on road e.g. trail bike etc. as it would then need compliance.

You are able to import any late model (including brand new) off road vehicle directly from America, as they are not for road use and do not require any compliance.

The following information is required with your application

  • Copy of the Bill Of Sale (invoice)
  • Picture of the vehicle
  • Proof of identity (if this is your first import)


  1. Research, Research, Research
  2. Make sure the seller has the original Certificate of Title for the vehicle or Bill of Origin (if the vehicle is new).
  3. Purchase your vehicle in the US
  4. Complete and return Geezers paperwork and required documents
  5. Complete and submit the Vehicle Import Application
  6. Leave the rest to us
  7. Allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time the vehicle arrives at our US depot until the time it has cleared customs in Brisbane.


Shipping LA to Brisbane:

  • Bikes: $1,500
  • Quad Bikes: $2,000
  • Side by Sides: $2,500
  • Buggies: $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 (dependant on size)

Government fees:

  • Import Application: $50
  • Customs & Quarantine Attendance charges: $410
  • GST: 10% (Calculated on the total cost of acquiring the vehicle at the time it arrives in Australia converted to AU$ (plus govt. fees & charges)
  • Duty: 5% (Only applies to vehicles NOT manufactured in the USA and LESS THAN 30 years old) this includes Canada & Mexico.


  • Port to Port Transit Insurance: $375
  • US Transport - We only use the most reputable domestic US vehicle transporters available and are able to collect the vehicle almost anywhere in the USA. If you would like a quote just provide us with the collection Location and Zip Code.
  • Australian Transport - We only use specialist Australian vehicle transporters and are able to deliver your vehicle almost anywhere in Australia. If you would like a quote just provide us with the delivery Location and Post Code.
  • Transport to Geezers:$165 bikes, $220 all other vehicles (if you are unable to collect your bike from Customs in Brisbane and would like to collect it from Geezers on the Gold Coast, we can collect your bike from customs and transport it to our premises)


There is no restriction as to models we are aware of so you can confidently purchase any bike your heart desires.

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